Virtual Baby Bottle Campaigns

Click Here For A Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign

Baby Bottle Campaigns are a fun and easy way to help moms and dads and save babies.

How to do a Baby Bottle Campaign.

Any church, school, or organization can host a Baby Bottle Campaign. Here are the main steps:

  1. Choose the kick-off date. The campaigns usually run for 4 weeks.
  2. Contact us. We will confirm the campaign dates; help determine the approximate number of bottles needed; and arrange a good time for you to pick-up the items. (If you are unable to do a pick-up, let us know and we can get a volunteer to help.) 
  3. We will prepare the bottles for you, along with any flyers, posters, or info. materials that can be displayed in a prominent place. We also have announcements that you can use.
  4. Line-up your volunteers to hand-out (for kick-off) and collect (for return) the bottles as people enter/exit services or meetings.
  5. Most importantly, know that CPC staff and client advocates would love to speak at masses or to your group. Please contact us early to shedule us to speak during the campaign.
  6. Use the bottle as a reminder to pray for the many women and men who come to our Center, and for their unborn babies.

Who do we contact?

Reach out to Nancy Vawter to get your church or organization started with a Baby Bottle Campaign.