The Center will be closed for Memorial Day May 29 and 31, 2021

Welcome New Volunteer!

View our internal calendar here (Google Docs).

Check out our Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Your training will consist of:

  1.  Watch the 6 videos on Making a LIFE Disciple:
    1. Abortion in America.   Find more information here
    2. Spiritual Effects.   Find more information here
    3. Qualification Concerns.   Find more information here
    4. You Need an Invitation.   Find more information here
    5. Reach up to the Spirit.   Find more information here
    6. Biblical Values.   Find more information here
  2. Attend our Orientation (offered the first Wednesday of each month)
  3. You will be mentored by an experienced counselor who will assist you in completing a checklist of training tasks. We have three levels of volunteers. Everyone starts out in the greeter position and may move on to support staff and client advocacy as skills develop. If you complete your checklist and would like to move on to the next level see our one of our Directors for the next level checklist.

  4. Own Time Training option will be mailed out in our monthly Volunteer Newsletter with articles and videos to help you grow in your understanding of pro-life issues.

  5. 4th Thursday Gathering (usually)
    Once a month we will offer and speaker or discussion group that will be a skill building opportunity to help our volunteers prepare to assist in our mission of Empowering Women to Choose Life.

  6. Review of HIPPA/Confidentiality policy. Be sure to sign verification form.

We hope your work at the center will be fulfilling and a blessing in your life; as your presence here is a blessing to others. May God bless you.


Please read our Statement of Beliefs here.

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Thank you for volunteering your time, and joining us in our efforts to provide alternatives to abortion, as well as assist new mothers in their journey with their babies. Below are some guidelines for you:

Our aim is to have two people in the office at all times. Check out the weekly schedule here. If you cannot come in on your assigned day, please get a substitute. A list of volunteers is provided for you as well as posted in the volunteer manual, and the bulletin board of the main office.